Myanmar Climate Action Network

Myanmar Climate Action(MCAW)

Overview of M-CAN

M-CAN is a network of more than 35 non-state climate actors in Myanmar who have voluntarily committed to addressing the challenges by moving beyond climate discourse to climate action and advocating for these actions. Everyone has a role to play in addressing this global issue, and we are working in partnership to create a more sustainable future for the people of Myanmar.

A collaborative cross-cutting and cross-sectoral approach is being used to address the multifaceted vulnerabilities related to climate change adaptation. This approach aims to integrate various stakeholders, such as NGOs, the private sector, and community organizations, to enhance awareness, dialogue, and local resilience. The development of M-CAN addresses the gaps in the current climate change sector which are data limitation, resource issues, and limited capacity, aiming to prioritize climate action towards sustainable and resilient development.


Build a stronger, engaged and inclusive climate network for enhancing multisector climate resilience in Myanmar.


Advocate, promote and undertake climate actions in Myanmar through partnerships, knowledge generation and dissemination, experience sharing and innovation.

Objectives of M-CAN

Knowledge Management

Generate new climate knowledge and promote innovation

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Collaboration and Partnership

Strengthen cooperation and mainstream climate change across different programs/projects

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Capacity Building

Strengthen capacity building through tailored training, regional cooperation and knowledge exchange

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Advocacy for Resources Mobilization

Advocate and mobilize more resources for accelerating climate actions

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M-CAN partners